Nevada businesses, nonprofit groups, and community leaders agree automatic voter registration is a commonsense solution that would make our voting system more secure, block ineligible people from voting, and make voter registration more convenient for citizens and especially military families.

Veterans Endorsements

Matthew DeFalco
Mike Kelly
Ryan Saunders
Steve Horner
Wayne Smith
Valerie Smith
Greg Fleming
Devin Carter
Alex Goff
Frank Slaughter
Greg Smith
Steven Tomlinson
John Piro
Martin Ortiz
Kevin Schmidt
Steven Clair
Ty Jones
Vic Rivera
Manny Garcia
Jay Myatt
Robert Plumlee
Graham Stafford
Richard Munk
Peni Sua
Bob Cavazos
Brandon Casutt
Corey Taylor
Gabrielle d’Ayr
Iris David
Jayson Hamlen
Jeff Hinton
Jeoffrey Carlson
Jake Holder
Joe Dotson
John Morales
Franklin Coloma
Andrew Simons
Meghan Simons
Nathali Flores

Take Action!

You can help make Nevada’s voting system more secure, more convenient, and fairer for all eligible voters by supporting Question 5 – AUTOMATIC VOTER REGISTRATION.
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